For your happy life in Japan

Thank you for coming our Japan!

I'm happy you made decision to live in Japan.

I think you must have had great courage and preparedness.

That's why I want to say you  we are welcome to Japan!

Because I am proud of Japan as a Japanese. 

I want you to know the splendor of Japan.

You can understand "Japan" by living, not by traveling.


don't you feel it's hard to live in Japan?

Do you have VISA?

student visa or work visa?

on the way to get VISA?

Are you happy in Japan now?

If you are not happy in Japan now,

we are really sorry about.

I decide to break conservative Japanese mind.

I believe it's a way to live in Japan happily for Japanese and foreigners both.

Become a family member of a Japanese family!

Do you have Japanese friend?

Is your room mate Japanese?

Do you live alone in apartment?

Do you have meal with Japanese?

Have you had Japanese home cooking?

If you don't have good relation with Japanese now, you will leave Japan near future.

It's very sad.....

Do not hesitate!

Please join Japanese family member.

Feel Japanese mind.


Experience Japanese life style by living with Japanese.

When you have family in Japan, your Japanese family help you for your dream in Japan.

This project is not only meaning of foreign rescue project.

This project is rescue for Japanese and foreigners both.

By becoming a member of Japanese family, your host family can get following benefit.

  • rent income

  • can know the different way of thinking.

  • can learn foreigner language from you. it is free of charge! yeah! lucky.

  • it's good influence for kids as education.

  • If your host family is an elderly citizen, they will feel the pleasure of living with you like a their son or daughters.

  • Many Japanese are living alone. He or She will feel the joy of life by become a family with you.

  • They can feel happiness by having meal with you together.

  • can expand Japanese horizons.

Yes, you can make Japanese happy!

You can get following benefit.

  • save money

  • can learn Japanese

  • can study Japanese life style.

  • can eat Japanese home cooking

  • you may found next step in Japan.

  • host family may follow up to get visa for you.

  • host family may found your job.

  • host family may connect key person who help you in Japan.