Thanks to my son being born. I got the courage to create my life enjoyable again.

Don't worry

Be Happy.

Have fun.

Let's stop unpleasant things.

It's easy way to be happy.

​小林洋子 Yoko Kobayashi

born in beautiful Obara village, Miwa, Fukuchiyama city, Kyoto Japan.

I was last graduate student of Obara branch school of Kawai elementary school. that branch school was under 2nd grade.

after graduate, I had walk distance 4km to Kawai elementary main school.

It was 8 km for round trip on child foot.

But I really enjoyed to ramble on the way to/from school following my heart. enjoy picking dandelion and flowers in springs.

tried to eat grass in summer.

enjoyed tickling with friend by ear of Japanese pampas grass, we lay down on the road to see the beautiful autumn sky.

played mouth catch falling snow in winter, enjoyed competition to break ice on road with friend.

It was free, luxurious, wonderful and happy time in my childhood.

Every Sunday morning, I was looking forward to watch TV show [the world trip of Ms. Kaoru Kanetaka].I was shocked by the freedom of women travel around the world. and I longed for such a way of life.

After graduating high school, I decided to get a Job at the bus Company as a Guide. It was hard work to memorize many guide books. I was lacking sleep every day for work and study. But it was a rich days.

After 2 years of guide work, I save money to enter school to learn skill for international work. because I want to see a much wider world. It was the late Showa period that peak of bubble economy.

I was poor student, but I wasn't worried about the future. Everyone was enjoying "now".

There were many companies that could get a high salary. but I chose the tour conductor's work that was low salary and no guarantee. Because I do what I want to do now. after graduating from school, i worked in Japan Travel agency as tour leader. for 11 years, my job was traveling around the world like a Kaoru Kanetaka who I wanted to be.

It was a fulfilling and enjoyable for 11 years.

I left the tour conductor for marriage.

I made my parents worried a lot, so I decided to change life style to conservative instead of challenging. I aimed for a standard Japanese life style, standard income, Japanese common sense, respectable, normality, must be decent person who was judged by others.

Then I started to worry about things that were less than standard.

  • my husband dosen't work.

  • I can't save money.

  • I can't have baby.

  • If I have baby, I can't feed my baby, because I don't have money.

  • I learned that my husband was not a person working for family, so I have to work.

One day, I complained to him about his life style, that just watching TV, eating and sleeping, that's all. but he was not the person who accepted my complain.

On the contrary he denied me, ignored me and attacked me.

I just took courage and said "Please work more please".

I gave up changing his life style. I lived so as not offend him. I lost my feeling, I lost my smiling.

after that, i was pregnant. It was the present from God.

The love that loved my cute child healed my heart. as my son grew, I was able to have courage to challenge. but the fight with husband was unending by opening my heart again.

then my friend helped me, My son support me, new & again encounter protect me toward bad environment. a lot of small miracles happened.

I have left from husband and house of the air which stagnated.

Now I began new life in the room which refreshing wind blew through.

What is a Standard?

Is the future worry useful?

I may say that I want to say.

I may act that I want to act, Even if husband is displeased.

I don't live for a husband.

I live for my happiness life.

don't worry, All right.

My mind is free as wish, don't care others.

I act and speak as my heart with courage.

It's the method that become happy.

I show a my son the way to happy life.

If I am happy smiling, my loved ones find happiness laughingly.

I realized I can make the big wave which is rich, happy and freedom.

My Name is Yoko that meaning child of the pacific Ocean.

My parents named Yoko who become wide, rich mind person like the pacific Ocean. I thank my parents named me Yoko.

I will show everybody my way of life from now. and I am happy if you can have courage that you live for according to your heart.