​🌸Sakura season will come soon!

Mrs. & Mr. Hayashi (Hana and Jiro) moved this small village Obara from Big city Kyoto on Spring 2019.

They became owner of Aburaya and new member of villager.

Local people really welcome Hana & Jiro joining.

But they can't understand why move this countryside. because here are no shop, nobody younger people, nobody kids, no public transportation, no famous sightseeing spot, no restaurant....

Here are mediocre nature only, It increase vacant house, elementary school has been empty for the last six years. Yes, almost local people focus on negative factors.

But Hana-san and Jiro-san can see many wonderful factors in this village. They felt the power in this land and this house. They have positive eye to find out a treasure. They repaired and cleaned this house by their own, made Japanese garden with moss.

We believe Aburaya guest house will be healing spot and power spot for you.

Access to Aburaya

by Public transportation

From JR Kyoto station: Take JR Sanin line and get off at JR Ayabe station(express train runs every hour and takes approx. one hour; local train takes about 90-120 min).

From the south side of Ayabe station, take a local bus that runs three times in the afternoon(14:44, 17:02, 17:42) on week day & Saturday. no service on Sunday & National holiday.

Get off at "Obara” stop (it takes 15 min and 200 yen/person) 

From the south side of Ayabe station, take a taxi that will be cost about 3500 yen.

※If your train schedule does not match the bus schedule, we can provide pick up & transfer service by the private car of local persons who can do at that time on the day. please pay 1000 yen/one way to Kind temporary driver directly.

If you need it, let us know with arrival date & time at Ayabe station. we try to find kindly local driver for you.