Small beans island (Shodoshima)

Here are Sea, Mountain, History, traditional local food and Pilgrimage.
Small beans Pilgrimage Island “Shodo shima”with love & wealth

Small Beans Island is Big Something Great Island.

Act & come when you want to know big Something Great.

You will found your Something Great in this island!

Where is Shodo shima?

Small beans island (Shodo shima), this is not a famous tourist destination. Access to Shodoshima is Only ferry, there are no airport, no bridge.  it’s bad access.

That’s why must to visit, this island is well worth a visit & stay.

Famed for its vast olive groves and the location for the Japanese film classic Twenty four Eyes, Shodo-shima Island translates literally as “island of small beans”.

It offers a number of interesting places to visit and make an enjoyable short escape from big-city Japan.

The second largest island in the inland Sea, Shodo-shima even has a miniature version of neighbouring Shikoku’s 88 temples, Shodoshima’s 88 Temple Pilgrimage.

What you can do in small beans island?

  • Feel you already have happy, love, wealth of hart.

  • Recognize here are happy & love beside you by Great Buddhist evangelist Kukai.

  • All over this island is power spot. You can receive power.

  • Discover real, genuine,

  • Taste real soy sauce that is fermented and brewed over a year.

I will make planning & arrangement sightseeing & Pilgrimage tour.

If you want to take pilgrimage all 88 Temple, it will take 7 days at least.

anyway don't hesitate to contact me.

Keep in touch with click as below.

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  • Genuine soy sauce

  • somen noodle

  • Sea food from inside sea

  • High quality Olive oil and products 

  • cycling

  • trekking

  • 24 eyes movie village

  • experience of making somen or udon

  • Pilgrimage

  • Nature trekking in Kankakei

  • Volcanic geology

  • A heart that loves nature

  • Genuine soy sauce was made by 1 year's matured

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