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大日月地神示 あとがき

It was the confidence only in one's house, but when a reliable relationship of mutual trust is what is built, a から student dying time and time again just before or looks back toward the past distance including what I am doing between every 靈存在 and having had you talk and teach me most, the duty various one by one having done that it is various, 守護靈, 指導靈様方 where I hung an admonition and words of the encouragement much more until now through 靈的体験 such as eyes (靈視) of the heart, ear (靈聴) of the heart, nose (靈臭) of the heart, mouth (靈言) of the heart, movement (靈動) of the body, I know it with what naturally it is hard to understand in, but it is that there was all strange 靈体験 in my life as a fact, and 神示 taken down can promise to be true heartily for a long time. I left daringly this book on agreement with there being a pro and con when I got up in all of you repeatedly in the world, and a relationship expected that it was succeeded in history again that I would be there from the hand of the various places that there was eagerly.

I want to also tell all of you with this 神示.

They are an invisible person by our naked eye and will be the story that is not still proved in the modern earth science, but both the different dimension world and the different dimension existence are that the existence of other stars exists surely practically when they claim to be 靈. In addition, it means that 守護靈, 指導靈 is concerned with all people and watches it. Modern earth science does not only catch up with it still more. It is future one which told me, but says that the earth accomplishes big evolution by deepening recognition of the multiplex dimension science. Therefore it may be said that it is an important issue the human does not remain in the existing dimension science, and to apply consciousness to different dimension science.

Well, 靈団靈人様 where what I associate with 靈団靈人様方 while taking down 神示 until now and think to be it is various has been said alternately, and it is talked, and it is not for a person, and there are many points talked about for 靈人様方, and it is complicated, but there is 靈人様同士 interestingly at all with many places.

And there is the process that I transformed in sequence when 靈団 where the very much middle small is various in 靈界 exists so that there are many countries and companies, groups in the world, and I am divided and merge it, and 靈団名 changes. I think whether it is plain if you can think with God of days of the sky, Gon god in Ying-Yang School, ひふみの God, ◯◯ God appearing in Gon Oga, Oga of the cormorant, large days place Oga and 神示 with 靈団名 of the large small and medium size.

There are many various places of 靈媒 where 神示 and 靈言 were lowered in the life, and, in the past, it was once there, but there is a relation with the initiator and others of the religious group where 靈団 concerned with me is more various than old days and seems to continue up to the present day while being unbroken, and being connected.

It exists as very now big 靈団 while Kurozumi Sect/Munetada Kurozumi, Tenriism/Miki Nakayama, Konko sect of Shintoism/Bunji Akazawa, strange soul religion/山内利兵衛氏, Omoto religion/exit Nao, Onisaburo Deguchi shining, and there being it in church/Takaaki Okamoto, a flow, in fact, same as 指導靈団 of Japan religion/Yaoi Hijiri and others, and 靈団 fusing in sequence, and changing.

I greatly turn from the company into 靈団 of the country level and, besides, change to 大靈団 of change and the Milky Way, the space scale to global 靈団.

It may be received like a funny made-up story when I have a look, but, in fact, the world is connected to the next world and is like mirrors set against each other. 靈界 is similar so that human being society changes every day with the times, and all 靈団靈人 is happy if they can understand that they change.

I am one of any shamans (靈媒師) who live in days without being ashamed while having the existing dimension and the sense of different dimension both sides. While I touch 氣 of gods not only 靈団靈人 and am embraced in a feeling of happiness as it is immeasurable, there can be the thing that tears continued overflowing for a long time. The world to feel to be heart and 氣 is a different dimension.

It is a really dreadful thing for all of you that I of the greenhorn say something like sermon with anonymity, but I have more various places understand divine will, and I am alone, and many various places accomplish each duty, and the foundation in the new earth times being made and true awakening of the earth human wish you what is done heartily heartily.

About the future, there is not the plan establishing the religious group which did 神示 for the cause at all. I want to walk it as a shaman while being necessary, and sending 靈言 where I accepted for the who had a relationship so that oneself will not be sorry from now on either in all sincerity.

Last but not least, I had you publish "大日月地神示" in two ◯ October, 16, and 神示 which became the sequel more was taken down in sequence afterwards. And I had teaching that 神示 became the end in this from 靈団 and progressed to have you added a sequel some other time and produce two books as "大日月地神示" former winding, rear winding again.

For a relationship with concerned with editing production at the 石垣雅設氏 beginning that is a representative of wild grass company which made an effort, new spring company and all guidance, I thank you deeply. Thank you very much.

So that with power can have friendship continuously, thank you for your cooperation.

I present the thought that I am thankful for great the sun and the moon place Ogami, Miwa of 100 (peach), 守護靈, 指導靈様方, the truth.

It is said that I protect it than this and get good luck (さきわ) and lends it it.

All of you, flourishing endlessly ましませ flourishing endlessly ましませ.

Sold, and did it, and sold, and did it; expanded; expand, and is thankful; is thankful.

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